Who are you?
Why were you created?
What is your purpose on this earth?
We were created to be in right relationship with God. We are created in the image of God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are loved by the God of this universe.
Sin has created a disconnect with God. Jesus came to pay the debt for our sin and make a way for us to reconnect with God.
Those who have accepted Jesus and his sacrifice have the opportunity and duty to use their God given gifts and talents to contribute to the body of christ.
As part of our purpose on this temporary earth we are to use our gifts and talents to do good works and to spread the love of Jesus. To spread the message of hope.
You are LOVED
You are VALUED
You are UNIQUE
To help people discover God’s purpose for their life while also spreading biblical truths.
2023 GOAL
To try our best to not be selfish but be selfless. Thinking of others and serving others as Jesus would have done.